Storytelling (Samskriti Katha)

Inspire good values | Instil cultural identity | Ingrain pride in our roots

Ages: 6 and above

Duration: 5 sessions, 45 minutes each

Dates: 11th Oct. 2021 to 15th Oct. 2021

Time: 10 AM IST

Registrations closed. Contact our support channel for any queries - +918861302886

Why Storytelling?

Would you like your children to learn all about our rich Indian culture from an authentic and well-researched source? Nuclear families have deprived children of those cozy bedtime story sessions with grandparents, who could add just the credible mix of masala to spice up our epics and folk tales to create an indelible impression on young minds. Recreating old-world romance where science meets history, raising a sense of inquiry and wonder in children.

This is just the blank that SaPa’s Storytelling classes will fill up. Learning in a fun-filled environment so children remember for longer and even apply in their day-to-day life. India has a treasure trove of powerful moralled stories courtesy our varied cultural influences. Open your child’s world to the rich and diverse range of stories about God, saints, composers, music instruments, and much more!

What you can expect

  • Introduction to the art of storytelling
  • Stories depicting ancient Indian wisdom
  • Songs related to these stories
  • Simple Sanskrit shlokas
  • Stories around the timeline of musicians
  • General stories from Upanishads, Vedas and the Puranas

Benefits for my child(ren)

  • Develop love for culture
  • Instill the spirit of enquiry about Indian roots and traditions
  • Develop a deeper connection to Indian music and arts
  • Open the gates of communication about Indian values

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I am interested but I have some more questions…

Will my child be able to ask questions or share anything after the class is over?

Yes, students are free to ask questions.

Can you tell me what stories you will be telling? Is there a theme?

Our instructor will take kids on explorative, interactive sessions where they discover interesting facets of our culture through fun stories on Gods, saints, composers, music instruments. They will also learn and share shlokas, and also get an introduction on how to tell stories.

Will there be any visual aids or props used during the class?

Yes, this session will also have a visual engagement component.

In what language will the class be taught?

English and kids will learn a few Sanskrit words.

What values will my child be able to learn?

Hard work, perseverance, honesty, integrity, compassion, kindness, and many more!

Through what medium will the classes be held?

Classes will be online through the SaPa Digital Learning Platform.

How many kids are there in a batch?

The maximum batch size is of 20 students.

Will you be able to monitor how my child is doing?

Yes, since we have a limit on the number of students per class, since our batch sizes are small, teachers will be accessible if your child has questions. We will also encourage children to keep the camera on to encourage them to perform in front of the others. This will also build their confidence levels.

Will I receive a video recording of the session?

For the best experience, we request you to attend the live session.